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Inge Schultz is a poetic songwriter, who composes music that is diverse and unique in its reflection of personal experiences that utilizes several musical styles as part of her artistic expression. On this site you can browse and listen to Inge's music and buy MP3 download of any song you like.


The music industry is changing with all the new technology now on the market it comes with numerous methodologies on how to create music. For those of you who are beginning in music check out the Music BLOG Page for the topic "What is Daw (Digital Audio Workstation)".


All of Inge's albums are mixed down in her home studio using Propellerhead Reason DAW software. Inge continues to improve in mixing and engineering each song that she creates. Although her background has been mostly gospel music, Inge is working on some songs that have taken a different direction like the instrumental "A Moment in Time." This track  features a Gibson L5 which our good friend Jay Palmer plays counter melody to a mystery lead guitar.



Inge states, "A Moment in Time is my personal experience I had when I visited Penang, Malaysia in October of 1973. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and watching the iridescent shrimp underwater as I swam by, gave me a sense of joy... at the wonders of God's divine creation. I felt that I was cradled within the warmth of His creation."  


Inge's first album "Send the Light" is a compilation of music that spans over 40 years. These songs were used in different music venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. It includes Inge's first written piece titled, "Lasting Love," which was written in 1974 and first sang at the Kent Alliance Church in Kent, Washington.


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