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  Inge Schultz is a poetic songwriter, who composes music that is diverse and unique in its reflection of personal experiences that utilizes several musical styles as part of her artistic expression.


 New!  Just Released:  October 2 2017, Pilgrims Journey




  Check out Inge's new song titled "Pilgrims Journey."  This song is sure to delight old and new audiences around the world.  The song was originally released in the 80's on two separate labels.  One under  Inge's own label titled, "Lasting Love," and the other label titled "Sweet, Sweet Anointing" through the Pentecostal Church of God, Pacific Northwest District in Yakima, Washington.  The song was remastered from old analog tape to which Inge added her vocals, a new bass line and a viola.   This sweet spiritual song bound for the promised land is based upon Ephesians chapter 6 that depicts the Christian armor such as the shield of Faith.



Take a listen to the song below....and buy the download at Cd Baby.


  Also, check out the new "YouTube Videos" page.  Inge has recently released "The Master's Touch" video that is now viewable here and on YouTube.  Inge will be making more video's so come back and visit the site. Don't forget to subscribe to Inge's YouTube Channel.


 New Update:  Check out my new social media icons.  Click on Pinterest and it will take you to my Reason Propellerhead Software Board.  On this board there are tutorials on different topics of running this software.  Inge's  albums are mixed down in her home studio using Reason Propellerhead Software.  Inge continues to grow and expand her skills in producing and engineering each song she writes.


  Inge's new single song titled "Loves Embrace" is to be released on April 5, 2017.  This wonderful romantic poetic song well bring in the spring while afternoon tea is being served.  Look for it at your favorite music outlet.  Listen to the song below and buy the download at Cd Baby.






Listen to "Moment in Time" released in 2014.  Inge states, "A Moment in Time" is my personal experience I had when I visited Penang, Malaysia in October of 1973.






  Inge's first album "Send the Light" is a compilation of music that spans over 40 years. These songs were used in different music venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. It includes Inge's first written piece titled, "Lasting Love," which was written in 1974 and first sang at the Kent Alliance Church in Kent, Washington.


Released 2013




Listen to music from Send The Light Album