Welcome to Inge Schultz Music Web Site, music for your heart and soul.  Inge Schultz is a poetic songwriter, who composes music that is diverse and unique in its reflection of personal experiences that utilizes  several musical styles as part of her artistic expression.

  Here you can buy MP3 music download of individual songs you may like, or buy the album.  These albums were created and produced in my home recording studio using Propellerhead Reason software.

 New Topic on the Music Blog Page.  Check out the current new subject "Creating a Music Studio."  First topic in the series is "What is DAW [Digital Audio Workstation]"?  This information is for those who want to know what goes into creating a music studio in your home.  


I'm excited about this new amazing instrumental track that features a Gibson L5 playing the counter melody line along with a mystery guitar . Listen to the  track below by clicking on the arrow, and then purchase the MP3 or other file format at CDBABY.

Bells Are Ringing Album

 Get ready for the coming Holidays with my new Christmas Album soon to be released titled, "Bells Are Ringing."  This album features two new Christmas songs titled, "The Bells Are Ringing, and Babe Born in Bethlehem.  If you enjoy listening to Mannheim Steamroller, you will enjoy having this album in your music collection.  This album has a nice English European feel to help you get into the Holiday spirit.   This album is now only available as a download.  A new copy was recently updated on CD Baby.  The album has ambience and a depth as it exudes the Holidays spirit.  Download now and enjoy listening to it with your coffee or tea.  Click on the cdbaby link below to buy and download. 

For those of you who live in the southern hemisphere where Spring has already begun, comes my single releA Moment In Time Singlease soon to be out titled, "A Moment In Time."  This wonderful pop/jazz tune will take you away to the Indian Ocean with the wonders of it's experience that was truly unique in how the lyrics convey that moment in time.  The song "A Moment In Time," will be available only as a music download.

The single was released on November 3, 2014.



  Send The light Album"Send the Light," is an old gospel hymn written by Charles H Gabriel that was widely sung in the late 1800's.  The first verse, second line states, "there are souls to rescue; there are souls to save," which is the mission and goal of the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle, Washington.  When you buy the CD or MP3, 100% of the proceeds will go to help the homeless at the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle, Washington.  Just click on the icon at the right of the page to purchase CD or download individual songs in MP3 format.  Everybody at one time or another finds that their soul needs to be rescued from some personal disaster or situation that they are going through.  I find that Gospel music is the "Good News" in that it can change an individual’s heart to a new direction.  Its hope for tomorrow as it builds our faith for today. 


     Download the lyrics of the songs from the album "Send the Light." Click on the link below to download the PDF file.  



Buy "Send The Light," CD.

Inge Schultz: Send the Light

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